Another Pennsylvania County-Run Nursing Home Moves into Private Hands

The reported that according to county commissioners, there are no obstacles to closing the sale of the Lackawanna County Health Care Center to Millennium Management of Miami, FL.

The sale was made public in March 2009 as a way to help the county’s deficit without tax increases or layoffs. However, commissioners have called the sale is the largest reduction of county government in history. More than 320 people, about 20 percent of county government, work at the nursing home.

“And the unique thing about this downsizing is we’re not talking about laying people off. We’re moving people off the public payroll and into the private sector,” said commissioner Mike Washo.

As a part of the deal, the nursing home employees’ union contract would be honored and no residents would be displaced. The nursing home would now be accountable for taxes to the county, Blakely borough, and Valley View School District.

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