Can Playing Music Help Prevent Bedsores?

It gives a whole new meaning to musical chairs: Researchers are conducting a study to see if playing music over a loudspeaker can help make sure nursing home residents are repositioned to prevent bedsores.

Medical guidelines require that hospital and nursing home patients be moved at least every 2 hours to help relieve the pressure that often causes skin lesions or bed sores. But it’s easy for a busy caregiver staff member to forget to reposition a patient a regular intervals.

But researchers from the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing are hoping to find an unusual and entertaining solution at 10 nursing homes in Kentucky that are taking part in their study. By playing music over the loudspeaker system at the nursing homes, researchers will determine if an audio cue can be used to help remind caregivers and staff to move or reposition patients. Employees at the nursing homes that are part of the study have already seen progress and say they may continue the musical cues even after the study ends this April.

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