Carbon County Nursing and Rehab Center Will Go Up for Sale

Earlier this month, the reported that Carbon County commissioners have decided to sell the Carbon County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at Weatherwood this year. At their Dec. 31 meeting, commissioners said that the county could no longer afford to operate the facility, which has been losing $3 million a year. A decrease in the population at the facility in recent years has led to financial problems.

The commissioners agreed to take their time selling the 200-bed nursing home in order to protect its residents and the employees who take care of them. Commissioner Wayne Nothstein said, “We should sell the home. But we certainly want to make sure the residents and the workforce are taken care of as best we can do that. I expect the process to take six to 12 months.”

In order to sell the facility, Nothstein said the commissioners will probably advertise for bids. He continued, “We will have some say who to award the bid to. We will do background checks. We’ve always received inquiries from people who want to run the nursing home for us, or who want to buy it. Now, we’ll take a closer look at those proposals.”

Commissioner Charles Getz explained that selling the nursing home was a difficult decision to make, “This is a business decision. We can’t keep going back to the taxpayers x-amount of times and raise taxes. This isn’t the time to raise taxes, with the recession. I think you’re going to see more and more counties selling their nursing homes.”

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