Gift Ideas for Those in Nursing Homes

Tis the season for Christmas shopping…but when shopping for a loved one who may be in an assisted living facility, our guesses for what he or she might need might not be on mark.

A recent article on recently addressed a question about purchasing furniture for a grandfather who had recently moved to an assisted living residence. The man brought his favorite and well-used recliner with him, complete with holes in the chair’s arms. His daughter wanted to replace the chair with something newer, but experts advise that moving from one’s home to such a facility can be traumatic enough. The well-used chair may provide emotional security for such a life change.

However, making or buying new arm rest covers would provide an option without replacing the chair. Another suggestion if the springs are worn out is to take your loved one to a furniture store to try out chairs. This way, he or she can find one that really fits. To make it a surprise, you can pretend that you are buying it for someone else, but need their point of view to help in the selection process.

Other gift ideas for elderly relatives are:

  • Flowers or a plant to bring new life into a room.
  • A family photo album they can use to reminisce.
  • A wall picture of the whole family.
  • Something your relative uses all the time, like fragrant soap, hand lotion, perfume or cologne, cookies, or candy.
  • Check the condition of their clothes and replace anything that might be worn out. But be sure to get the style and color they prefer. Also, don’t throw out something old without getting permission.
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