Home Care Is More Affordable Than You Think

According to an article on SeniorHousingNews.com, there is a misconception that home health care for seniors is more expensive than nursing home care.

The article reports that a recent Home Instead Senior Care poll showed that 49% overestimated the cost of home care by more than $6 an hour. Those who did not receive home care estimated the cost to be more than $24 an hour.

Approximately 73% of seniors who were surveyed along with their families thought home care was a good value and were satisfied with their care. The actual average per hour cost they pay is $17.10 an hour. But the yearly cost of nursing home care is $70,000, which is nearly 75% more than home health care.

Many seniors don’t even consider home care, because they assume that they cannot afford it. In the article, Roger Baumgart, CEO of Home Instead Senior Care is quoted as saying, “One of our goals is to enable seniors to remain in their homes, where studies show they are happier and receive more care. More seniors could utilize professional care to stay in their homes if they knew how modes the cost really is.”

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