Nursing Home Resident Found Dead Outside of New York Facility

It was a sad Christmas holiday for a family in New York state whose elderly family member was found dead outside of the nursing home where he resided. And now the man’s family is demanding answers.

The man was found outside of the Saratoga County facility the Sunday before Christmas and later died from hypothermia.

The man’s family said that he lived on the second floor of the home. They said he was frail and could not have possibly gotten out of the window in his room, as it only opened about 6 inches. He was found with his walker near the door below the window. His family said he had no injuries that would indicate a fall.

The man wore a bracelet that was designed to set off an alarm if he walked through a door in the nursing home. Police have confirmed that the alarm worked. The man was in his room at 11 PM when the staff did a bed check. He was discovered missing at 1 AM and was found after a search of the grounds.

The man was moved to the second floor in a secure wing of the nursing home last summer because he would sometimes wander.

An investigation is underway by the state Department of Health.

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