Nursing Homes Respond Positively to Government Incentive Programs

An article on reports that nursing homes who participate in performance-based government incentive programs show improvement in critical care areas.

The Regenstrief Institute and the Indiana University Center for Aging Research looked at the effects that Minnesota’s Performance-based Incentive Payment Program had on the quality of care in Minnesota nursing homes. Their findings showed improvements in target areas such as fall and rehospitalization rates more significantly than non-participating facilities. In fact, they maintained the improvements even after the incentive program ended.

According to the article, Minnesota’s program helps nursing homes to identify their problems, find evidence-based solutions and evaluate their outcomes. The program is financed through state funding.

In a press release, researchers said, “Facilities gave greater attention to evidence-based care practice, staff had more effective teamwork and communication, and better relationships emerged among nursing home management, staff, residents and family members.”

This is a trend we hope to see not only in Minnesota, but here in Pennsylvania as well.

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