O’Connor Law Has a Spook-iffic Time on Halloween

As anyone who has worked for the law offices of Michael J. O’Connor & Associates will tell you, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Staff and attorneys go all out, to come up with creative and eye-catching costumes. And this year was no exception.
Office festivities included prizes for best costume. There were flappers and pirate girls, a bus and bus driver, and the devil with the blue dress on…complete with accompanying song. Winners included:

First place: a tie between Mario Brothers (including Princess Peach, Mario, and Wario) and Katy Perry
Second place: a martini glass with olives
Third place: Willie from Duck Dynasty
Fourth place: a hippie
After the costume contest, the office held a pumpkin decorating contest. Winners included:

First place: Bridget B.
Second place: Rosanna [what’s her last name initial?]
Third place: Ellen G.
Honorable mention: Samantha C.
Winning Pumpkins_1.jpg
We’re looking forward to next year and new costume ideas!