State Personal Care Home Violations Discussed

According to a Pittsburgh television station investigating team, seven personal care homes across the state were shut down last year, while three others had their licenses revoked.
Target 11 investigator Rick Earle and photographer Tim Holoman interviewed Ron Melusky, the state director of Adult Residential Licensing in Harrisburg last month.
Melusky said there are 1,300 personal care homes housing almost 50,000 people across the state. He said the homes are inspected yearly.
The top violation inspectors find is problem tracking patients medications; number two is not doing thorough criminal background checks on employees; and the third biggest violation is having poisons such as criminal products unlocked or out in the open according to the Target 11 team.
It was reported more than $1.5 million in fines were given out last year, some stemming from minor violations like dirty mattresses, cigarettes piling up in non-smoking areas, sharp objects exposed and emergency plan problems. Homes are given from five to 15 days to correct the violations before fines are imposed.

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