Weatherwood Resident Left Alone in Recreation Room

For the second time in three months, a incident involving the safetey of a resident has occurred at Weatherwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Weatherly. Police are investigating reports that a female resident was placed in a recreation room by a nurse or nurse’s aide who then shut off the lights. The resident is reported to have been left in the room for hours.

According to an article on the, the incident took place July 8. Management at the facility called police and no charges have been filed, although the investigation continues. The police then notified the State Department of Health and Department of Aging of the incident.

This incident happens just three months following the death of an 85-year-old female Weatherwood resident, after she had be allegedly shoved to the floor by a male resident and bumped her head during a minor fire at the facility. It is reported that the male and female residents had words during the fire evacuation but were left alone by workers. The incident took place in April and the male Weatherwood resident has been charged wtih involuntary manslaughter in the female resident’s death.

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