Average Annual Private Nursing Home Room Cost Over $90,000

According to the 10th annual MetLife survey of eldercare costs, the national average annual cost for a private nursing home room climbed to $90,520 this year. Semi-private rooms went up to $81,030 and assisted living residencies increased to $42,6000.

The costs are spelled out in detail in an article on McKnights.com. It reports that average charges for private nursing home rooms went up 3.8%, to $239 per day. Semi-private nursing home rooms increased 3.7%, to $222 per day. Assisted living rates increased 2.1%, to $3,477 a month.

In addition, homemakers services increased from $19 to $20 per hour. However, services for home health aides and adult day services remain unchanged.

The report included state-by-state statistics, and showed that Alaska had the highest costs for nursing home care at $687 for a private room and $682 for a semi-private room per day. The lowest was Oklahoma with a private room rate of $147 per day. Texas had the lowest semi-private room rate of $131 per day.

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