Pinecrest Manor in Top 4 Percent of Nursing Homes Nationwide

Pinecrest Manor in St. Marys, Elk County, has something to brag about: they’ve been added to the top 4 percent of nursing homes nationwide.

An article on explained that this achievement was reached because Pincrest had no deficiency on its resident care survey from the Pennsylvania Department of Health Division of Nursing Care Facilities. Typically, a nursing home can have 7 to 8 deficiencies.

The facility has been working towards this goal of no deficiencies since 2010. That year, they had 8 deficiencies. In 2011, they lowered that number to just 2.

To reach this goal, the administration paid close attention to quality measures as well as the issues that affect how nursing homes are compared. Through commitment to these goals, the administration and staff turned the goals into reality.

The Department of Health visits all licensed nursing homes each year. The visits are unannounced. They inspect everything from the care residents receive to the food they are served. Everything is looked at to determine if they meet state and federal regulations. Deficiencies can mean fines for a facility, and severe deficiencies can shut down a home. Inspectors speak with residents, as well as family of residents, staff, and administrators.

In the article, Pinecrest Manor administrator David Wolfe said, “This is the best resident care survey that Pinecrest Manor has had in its 42-year history.”

We congratulate the administration and staff of Pinecrest Manor on this achievement.

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