Holiday Visits Good Time to Check On Elderly Relatives

A Holiday Visit may be the perfect time to check up on Mom and Dad.
According to AARP, between the eating, drinking and gift-giving, make time to see how elderly relatives are managing.
Even if they say everything is ok, AARP recommends looking into four key areas to see if there is something needed, that maybe the relative doesn’t even realize.
1. Look around their home to ensure it meets their needs. Check for loose rugs, clutter or fire hazards. Is the lighting sufficient? Can they manage the stairs? Is there a bathroom on the ground floor and could a room on the first floor be turned into a bedroom if necessary?
2. Monitor their ability to drive. Ride with an older relative and observe their behind the wheel skills. Are their dents in the car or garage? Do they drive to slow or miss traffic signs?
3. Keep up with changes in their health. Ask about new medications and how they make the relative feel when taken. Do they remember to take their medication and if not, would a pill organizer help? Give a reminder that Medicare open enrollment season until December 31 and see if they need to update their coverage.
4. Discuss finances. Although this may be difficult, ask the relative if all financial information is in one place. Check on mail to see if bills are stacking up. Are their late notices? Are they having trouble paying bills?
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