Improper Hospital Care


Every patient in a hospital expects good care and proper treatment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Improper hospital care can result in serious injuries and even loss of life.

In May 2010, a Louisiana woman received serious burns after she underwent a routine procedure that required her to be placed under anesthesia. When she woke up from the procedure, she had several burns on her groin and buttocks. The burns were so severe that she needed skin grafts on the areas that were injured. The Louisiana woman is currently seeking damages for her mistreatment.

Hospitals should always make sure that their patients are safe by taking the proper safety precautions. Nobody should have to suffer from injuries because of poor treatment at a hospital. The injuries like the ones that the Louisiana woman sustained can also result in missed time at work as well as additional medical expenses. Injuries resulting from improper care can also ruin the reputation of a hospital and the businesses that they serve.

All patients should feel safe and secure when they enter a hospital. The injuries that the Louisiana woman obtained are unacceptable and should not be tolerated. At O’Connor Law, we want all patients to get the appropriate care and treatment that they require and deserve. We handle cases such as this and, if you receive improper hospital care, we offer the support that you need. We are always here to fight for your rights.

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