Indiana For-Profit Nursing Homes Score Poorly

According to an article on the, the Indianapolis Star made some startling discoveries when it reported that 35 out of 52 of Indiana’s for-profit nursing home chains rank as the state’s most poorly performing homes.

The Star analyzed documents and data compiled by regulators and found that many of Indiana’s nursing homes employ fewer critical staff members than are needed to care for residents and that staffing levels are low at for-profit nursing homes.

In August, federal officials said the state has the most poor-quality nursing homes of any state in the U.S. The investigation by the Star showed that the number of most critical caregivers is low in Indiana nursing homes and that the amount of time certified nursing assistants (CNAs)spend with residents is also low. The Star also found that understaffing is the norm in many Indiana nursing homes where CNAs spend less than 15 hours a week with each resident, compared to the national average of 17 hours a week.

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