Patients Remain in Long-Term Care at Saint Catherine

According to a press release from the state Department of Health, no patients remain in the hospital section of Saint Catherine Medical Center. However, there are still about 30 residents in the center’s long-term care facility.

An article on the reports that the Department of Health on Friday banned emergency and outpatient procedures at Saint Catherine Medical Center in Fountain Springs. But its long-term care facility continues to operate, providing care to those with acute illness and those needing long-term care.

According to the article, future action to the hospital and its license is not ruled out. And the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services could also take action. In February of this year, Saint Catherine Healthcare Center was listed in the annual Nursing Home Compare List for having maintained a 1 star rating — the lowest on the 5-star scale — since 2008.

Given this low rating and the action already being taken against Saint Catherine Medical Center, we urge anyone with relatives currently being cared for in the long-term facility to be sure they are receiving adequate care and treatment. If you suspect neglect in any form, report your findings immediately to the Department of Health.

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