Sale of Items at Saint Catherine Medical Center on Hold

A U.S bankruptcy judge has put on hold an auction of items from Saint Catherine Medical Center in Fountain Springs.

The hold on the auction is based on the fact that the hospital’s trustee has not provided a detailed notice to creditors about personal property to be sold. According to an article on, Judge John J. Thomas said, “We don’t know if it’s jewelry or junk. We don’t know if it’s cars or trucks.”

Saint Catherine Healthcare of Pennsylvania LLC, The Boulder Investment Trust, and Windriver Corp. of WY LLC had filed an objection to the sale, in an effort to sell the business in its entirety, fearing the personal property would not bring in as much income.

In Tuesday’s hearing, the judge told lawyers for Saint Catherine that once a more detailed notice of the property to be sold was provided, they could give him another workable option to sell the real estate and the property in its entirety.

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